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Welcome to IT Fixed. We fix IT problems at your home: new security camera installs, internet networks, computer & software related issues in West London

IT Fixed

- we fix all your IT problems at your home

CCTV camera installation in West London
In today’s constantly changing world, with more and more devices in our homes connected to the internet, the technology can be a bit tricky and create lots of headaches.

We are here to help you navigate the issues without hassle.

Home CCTV camera installation
West London

You came to the right place. We are here to help!

We provide consultancy, planning, installation and configuration for a wide range of security cameras. From IP cameras to GSM enabled solar powered independent devices, we’re here to help and give you the best and cost effective solution. We provide home CCTV camera installation in West London area.

Home CCTV camera installation West Midlands, Warwickshire

Our services

Security Cameras

We can provide quick and affordable home CCTV camera installation West London and we'll take care of all the hustle involved with installing, cabling and configuring the devices so they can be viewed securely on-line.Home CCTV camera installation West London

Networks & WiFi

We know it's a real pain to find solutions to extend the WiFi to the other parts of the house, or the garden. We will provide easy to implement, hassle free solutions.

PC Laptop Diagnosis

Old laptop used to be fine, but now, after the last update, is missing something? Maybe it needs an upgrade. We will give you the best solution for it.

Home Devices

New technology can be tricky. Smart TV's need to be properly connected to the internet. Other devices too. If you need help configuring them, We Are Here To Help .

Software Help

Windows is the most used operating system. But sometimes it breaks and needs tweaking or even reinstalling. Other software also. We can help in any situation.

Home Cyber Security

Everybody uses the internet now. You use your accounts to store bank credentials and other sensitive information. Are you safe? We can check your home connection and your terminals in order to guarantee your devices' safety.

TV Wall Mounting

We specialize in providing fast, reliable and high-quality TV wall mounting services that will transform your viewing experience.

Web Development

At some point, every small business, big business or even a celebration needs a website. We provide affordable websites, webstores, social media management and paid marketing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What IT services do you provide ?

We provide services for home users. From networking to PC diagnostics and home CCTV camera installation in West London area, we’ll cover every aspect of your house from an cyber perspective. Check our services here.

What are the costs ?

We have an hourly rate for our IT services. That ads to the distance needed for the services provided. For bigger projects, like CCTV installations, we’ll give you a cost for the whole project. Please call us for any enquires.

How long does it take?

It all depends. What do you need? Do we need to order some products? We can assure you we’ll provide a quick service on-site, and we’ll come prepared with all the tools and necessary devices.

Will you come at our house?

Yes. We provide home service covering 100 miles around West London. Once we discussed and we understood your needs we’ll provide the best possible solution for installation and delivery of services.

The backbone of the internet, the websites are the ones that make your business visible online. They can be simple, for presentation purposes or can be really complex, according to the needs.
We will give you the best solution for the creation of a beautiful website with fair prices and unbeatable time lines.  view more

Get In touch

IT Fixed - IT solutions for home

We provide professional IT Services for all the related problems around your house.

Give us a call for any IT related problems you might have at home. We are prepared to asses and repair a variety of IT related equipment like CCTV security cameras, Internet Home Networks , Computers,  Intelligent Devices and software.

Home CCTV camera installation West London

    Available Monday to Saturday from 09:00 – 19:00

     West London