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Are you looking for a new security system for your home or business, but feeling overwhelmed by the options on the market?

We understand that it can be a daunting task to choose the right product and navigate the installation process. That’s why we’re here to help make it easy for you!

At IT Fixed, we offer a complete range of CCTV installation services, including security cameras, network setup, laptop and PC support, home device installations, software help, cyber security, and even web development. We are your one-stop-shop for all your IT needs!

So, what exactly is CCTV?

 It stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a video surveillance system consisting of cameras, a recorder, and a monitor. We specialize in wired IP systems, which provide high-quality video and cost-effective solutions for your security needs but can install any type of CCTV systems needed.

How does it work

There are lots of systems and configurations on the market for surveillance cameras. The most convenient, from a quality and economy perspective, are the wired IP systems.

They are composed of the IP cameras and the recorder. Once installed, the cameras are connected to the recorder  (NVR – Network Video Recorder) via an internet cable. 

The cable will transmit the video signal and also the power necessary for the camera. The recorder is equipped with a VGA and HDMI port, so we can attach a live monitor to it, for example the TV. Once the NVR is connected to the internet and proper configured, we can have access to the cameras and the live feed from the internet using a laptop or a smart phone.

IP CCTV security camera system

For convenience, we can connect all the cameras to a PoE switch, which will be connected to the router with one cable, instead of connecting each camera to the NVR. Depending on the model of the NVR, we can attach from a minimum of 4 security cameras to as many as 32. 

Security Camera Home Installs

We want to make this whole process as easy as possible for you. Here is the process broken down on the main tasks. Once you ordered the desired security system and you know the date of arrival, we can decide for a convenient date for the install. The installation for the most home security systems should not take more than a day.

We’ll manage the cabling, connecting and configuration of the system, making sure that it works, records and is connected to the internet and to all your desired terminals. 

Systems we recommend

Once you picked and ordered the desired system, we will make an estimate for the necessary cabling and other devices needed (like a PoE switch) and we are ready to install the new security camera system in your home.

This is a selection from so prices may vary on their website .We have no affiliation with the seller. We generally recommend Reolink and Hikvision systems for their reliability and support but can gladly give advice for any other systems.

Basic complete CCTV security camera systems on amazon uk

Security Cameras CCTV Warwickshire

Reolink 4K NVR 5MP PoE CCTV Security Camera System

Channels: up to 8
Resolution: 4k (8MP)
Hard Disk: 2TB
4 x 5MP IP Cameras included

Security Cameras West Midlands

Reolink 4K 16CH PoE CCTV Security Camera Systems

Channels: up to 16
Resolution: 4k (8MP)
Hard Disk: 2TB
8 x 5MP IP Cameras included

Stand alone NVR systems on amazon uk

Reolink NVR 4K

CCTV Camera System Network Video Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive Supports 8MP 5MP 4MP 1080P HD PoE IP Camera

Reolink NVR 4K

Pre-Installed 4TB Hard Drive Supports 4K/5MP/4MP/1080P HD

Stand alone cameras on amazon uk

The 4 camera system can connect up to 8 cameras, so if you need 6 cameras you will need to buy the 4 camera kit  and 2 separate cameras.
The 8 camera system can connect up to 16 cameras, so if you need more than 8 cameras (which are included) you can purchase them separately.

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