Network & WiFi help

We know it’s a real pain to find solutions to extend the WiFi to the other part of the house, or the shed so we will provide easy to implement solutions, hassle free.

What is a network

The network is the whole system of cables, switches and routers present at your home, which make the internet connection possible. In the basic configuration it is generally a WiFi capable router   connected to a wired internet connection and preconfigured by the internet provider.

How does it work

The internet comes into your home via a wire and is transmitted wireless from the router. The problems may occur when you have long distances, big walls or something else is blocking the signal.

How can we help

We can extend your WiFi range providing you with the optimum solution. If you want, for example, internet in the garden and the shed, we can place a second WiFi router and configure it so that the signal reaches every targeted point.

Internet Networks help

There are situations in which you need a hard wire internet connected to a PC, Smart TV or Gaming Console. We can help you with that and make sure the router configurations permits the best bandwidth for your needs.

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